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快閃/流動建築 flash MOBile architecture


我們摒棄了一貫的工作坊模式 ----那種依賴參加者的意願進行預先登記,於特定的時間前往到Top of Form發起人Bottom of Form特別提供的場地進行的作業。相反,我們嘗試尋找一些未被充分利用卻又不費分文的公共空間(地方),在沒有預先張揚的情況下(時間)進行一系列讓市民大眾隨意自發參與(人)的互動建築工作坊。




我們的目的很簡單,就是帶來一點點的影響 -- 我們希望用一個有趣和獨特的方式,鼓勵市民大眾自發地參與,從而提高他們對建築作爲一種公共藝術課題的興趣和關注。

flash Mobile architecture is a project conceived by the HKU SPACE Professional Diploma of Architectural Studies academic team upon the curators’ invitation to lead a public workshop as part of the Hong Kong  & Shenzhen Bi-City of Urbanism/Architecture.   In line with this year’s theme; "Tri-ciprocal Cities: The Time, The Place, The People", which emphasize the "interplay of time, place and people, each being significant dimensions that shape the essence and quality of a city".

We have forsaken the accepted method of conducting a workshop which relies on the participants’ willingness to register and attend and the venders’ commitment to the availability of the venue. Instead, our workshop will be utilizing Hong Kong’s under-used and cost-free public space (the place) for a series of spontaneous (the time) interactive workshop for the public (the people) on architecture. 

The title of this workshop reflects its very nature; the marriage of two ideas; flash mob + mobile architecture.

The term flash mob is defined as "a large group of people mobilized by social media to meet in a public place for the purpose of doing an unusual or entertaining activity of short duration".  Five groups of our year two students will mobilize themselves in public spaces around the city to conduct this public engagement workshop. 

The term mobile architecture gives the notion of architecture that is movable, is dynamic, is temporary; the very essences of our workshop.

Our objective is simple; we hope to bring awareness to architectural issues that influence the Hong Kong public by engaging them to participate spontaneously and in a fun and unique way.




時間:10:30am – 12:00pm

展覽 - 快閃/流動建築:進程與回顧



You are cordially invited to participate in the following events:

Public Presentation-  flash MOBile architecture: process and recollections

A public presentation and sharing by the HKU SPACE Professional Diploma of Architectural Studies students

Venue: Activity Room, Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre,
           Kowloon Park, Haiphong Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

Date:  9 April, 2012

Time: 10:30am – 12:00pm

Exhibition- flash MOBile architecture: process and recollections

Exhibition of the development, process and result of the public engagement workshop by the HKU SPACE Professional Diploma of Architectural Studies students.

Venue: Oasis Gallery, 2/F, Central Oasis, 80 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong   Kong.

Exhibition Date:  28 April – 4 May, 2012

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